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Bauer Academy and LiNC Higher required a method of visiting prospective students of Higher education, happy to oblige we provided RSP03 for 11 day whistle stop tour

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LiNC Higher Educational Bus Tour

The Brief

LiNC Higher through their agency Bauer Academy required a method of visiting prospective students of Higher education, in out of the way places within the North & East Lincolnshire areas.

The bus needed to promote higher education to both school children and the general public with the bus undertaking school visits on week days and community locations on weekends

The bus would require internet access, external resources, laptops and be fully branded

The Response

After discussions relating to what needed to happen aboard the bus and the number of people expected on both decks we suggested that RSP03 our general purpose community engagement vehicle fit the bill

Both Bauer Academy and the client agreed and we made arrangements to equip the vehicle with a pop-up Gazebo, several laptops and Mobile Broadband Internet

In addition to the internal requirements the bus needed to be fully wrapped with the clients designed "skin" this being applied the week prior to the tours start

The Result

Let the clients words convince you of the buses sucess

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