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Promotional bus marketing campaigns are in essence awareness campaigns, the main difference being there is usually an existing product or service being promoted and the marketing campaign is being undertaken by a corporate entity whereas an awareness campaign is usually a public sector entity

As with awareness campaigns, a bus based marketing campaign provides the client with direct face to face access to the chosen demographic, be that the public or a buyer and with optimum results has a growing number of the public relaying the information by word of mouth to people within their spheres of influence.

Listed below are projects, tours, services and news items relating to Marketing Campaigns undertaken by Roadshow Promotions clients

Marketing campaign
RSP12 & RSP15 Training Buses back on the road
Medical Sector

Training Buses Back on the Road Again

After a break for Christmas both Edwards Lifesciences training buses went back on tour, with RSP15 travelling to Germany and RSP12 travelling around the UK

RSP15 Health Training Bus Exterior
Medical Sector

RSP15 Training Bus Returns to UK

The return to the UK is planned to last 3 weeks with the bus returning to Europe at the end of the first week of January. The bus will then return to marketing and training surgeons

RSP15 Health Training Bus Exterior


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Oscar Mayer Logo
Manufacturing Sector

Oscar Mayer

Oscar Mayer specialise in making and developing retailer label prepared foods for the top UK grocery retailers across their 3 manufacturing sites in England and Wales. They are committed to supplying outstanding quality, value and service to all their customers.

Oscar Mayer Full Wrap Branding
Manufacturing Sector

Oscar Mayer Bus Branded

With a very quick turnaround RSP07, the promotional single decker bus chosen for marketing Oscar Mayer readymade meals was given a full exterior vinyl wrap

Vehicle Conversion Plan
Medical Sector

RSP15 Single Decker Bus Conversion

After the success of RSP12 Edwards LifeSciences, leaders in the science of heart valves and hemodynamic monitoring asked for another, similar, bus conversion to join RSP12 in touring the European Union and UK.

RSP15 Health Training Bus Exterior


RSP12 Health Marketing and Training single decker bus, designed to both market and provide training to medical professionals around the UK and Europe

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