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A few Frequently Asked Questions relating to our range of promotional bus hire, vehicle branding and conversion services for more answers review our website or contact us on the chat app (flashing pink circle at the bottom of the page) or give us a call

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Some of the more Frequently asked questions

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All our vehicles come with a fully qualified driver..

Our vehicles are configured for static use, internel seats are not equipped with seatbelts so No we do not generally carry passengers.

No! due to the difficulties in emptying them, none of our promotional vehicles come equipped with a toilet. However it should be noted that in most cases the buses are operational in popular areas that are usually equipped with public facilities.

Obviously it varies from bus to bus, but on average it takes approx. 14 weeks to convert a double decker bus once we start work on it.

Obviously it varies from bus to bus but on average it takes approx. 10 weeks to convert a single decker bus once we start work on it.

It works both ways, if you already have the vehicle it is one less hurdle, if you don't, or the build is based upon a new, unregistered vehicle, then we can assist and purchase a vehicle on you're behalf.

Obviously it varies from vehicle to vehicle but on average it takes approx. 10 weeks to convert an HGV once we start work on it.

A vehicle wrap consists of a design which is developed by our staff of designers, then printed on specialist vinyl, laminated, and finally installed or “wrapped” onto a vehicle. The wrap or vinyl is applied directly to the vehicle.

Our printing department and staff ensure the accurate transfer of the images through its advanced art print server. The large format printers are fitted with state of the art eco-solvent ink systems, insuring only the best colour schemes and resolution. We have carefully chosen the media we print on, which has been time tested for use on vehicle wraps.

Generally a well maintained graphic vehicle wrap that is correctly applied should last up to five years thereafter it can be properly removed and the vehicle areas (if well maintained) should be in a good condition with less wear and tear had it not had the wrap done.

No it won’t. Vinyl and Laminate combined is not even a millimetre thick so taking good care of your graphics or vehicle wrap after installation is essential to maintain a good image.

No. A vehicle wrap, when applied correctly, does not damage your car’s origional paintwork. In fact, it protects it. Vehicles with paint jobs, or that have resprayed body work as a result of panel beating are at risk of the new paint stripping off the vehicle and should only be wrapped if the owner is happy that at the paint may pull away if the wrap design is ever removed.

Yes we can brand the exterior and interior if required.

Yes, we offer a vehicle management service which covers such aspects as driver, storage and even maintenance of the vehicle after its conversion

It depends on the amount of branding the vehicle will have to the exterior, the process of wrapping a double decker bus takes approx. 2 weeks from receipt of artwork, however we prefer a minimum of 4 weeks were possible

Yes we will provide vehicles throughout Europe and most of the world, in fact anywhere our insurance and your budget will cover

Yes we allow modification of the interior/exterior of most of the vehicle fleet to suit your needs, however what can and cannot be modified, added or removed depends upon the actual vehicle.

All our vehicles are equipped with electrical power generation, this could be by built-in or portable generators, leisure batteries and inverter, solar panels or a mix of these items which are all used to provide 240v electrical power, they can also be connected to external sources of electricity.

All our rental vehicles are designed to accept as much or as little internal and external branding as you require, we even supply templates for your designers to speed up the process.

All our vehicles can be equipped with wheelchair ramps for wheelchair users to access the interior, however wheelchair movement within the vehicles is limited due to immovable vehicle fixtures or steps.

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