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Roadshow Promotions Contract lease hire vehicle, how to hire, duration of lease and services included in the contract lease hire of a single or double decker project event bus.

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Manchesters Radio Key 103 Contract Hired Single decker bus small

Roadshow Promotions have developed a new concept in project vehicle ownership/rental. If you are looking at ownership, development and long-term use of a project event vehicle, but daunted by the initial setup cost and ongoing management time requirements, then our Contract Hire service is for you

Roadshow Promotions project event vehicle lease hire service combines many of the benefits of leasing and rental without the drawbacks associated with ownership, no having to worry about insurance, maintenance, breakdown cover or the multitude of other "issues" surrounding large vehicle ownership, we include this in the monthy cost.

Contract Lease Hire Vehicle Services

Manchesters Radio Key 103 Contract Hired Single decker bus

Radio Key 103 Contract Hire Single Decker Event Bus

With the cost of converting or developing a project event bus between £50,000 - £150,000 (or more) and planned or more importantly unplanned maintenance taking big chunks out of the budget, it makes financial sense to have a fixed monthy cost for the vehicle allowing more time and money to be spent on its actual job

Contract Lease Hire Features

  • Named Contact
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Road Tax
  • Secure Parking/Storage Between Tours
  • Supply of Experienced Tour Driver
  • Regular Internal/External Inspections
  • Generator Maintenance
  • Breakdown/Repair Management
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Converted Interior
  • Tour Logistic Support
  • Pre Tour Cleaning
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Pre Tour Servicing

Next Steps

For more information on our Contract Lease Hire services please contact us using our Contact form
Alternatively telephone 01253 923800 one of our experienced team will be happy to assist.

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Client Testimonial

Contract Bus Lease Hire

We have found Roadshow Promotions to be very professional and reliable. The diversity of options and solutions allowed us to use a flexible training approach with our clients RoadShow Promotions offer cost effective solutions to suit any budget

- Radio Key 103.

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