WHY Roadshow Promotions?

Roadshow are one of the main suppliers of health buses or mobile health clinic buses which are available for rental to the UK and European marketplace providing the conversion rental, lease and branding of these health vehicles

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Health Buses

We provide medical units for specialised mobile health projects. We work with a range of healthcare organisations ranging from Health Authorities, CCG’s, private hospitals, Pharmacy chains, medical equipment and occupational health providers to smaller medical charities and community clinics.

Mobile Health Bus Hire, Health Awareness Bus Hire or , whatever the name, they are all health vehicle hire all performing a similar function to provide a vehicle to promote a variety of health related awarness, products, services or concepts on the high street or in works/supermarket car parks, whether that is healthy eating, service provision, medical checks such as high blood pressure, breast or testicular cancer, HIV or diabetes

As experienced professional operators, we supply a complete solution to your health and health education needs - all you need to supply are the appropriate staff and we take care of everything else.

Health Vehicle Hire

Health Bus Hire Overview

The most popular type of health buses are the single decker health bus, consisting of over 240sq ft of floor space and over 60 sq metres of exterior branding space. Internal configurations differ between health buses with the most popular configurations being 1 or 2 consultion rooms with information and waiting areas

Our mobile health buses, medical units and mobile health solutions can be combined in a number of configurations, allowing them to be used as:

  • Mobile Dental Unit, Mobile Occupational Health Unit
  • Mobile Healthcare Buses, Mobile Counselling Vehicle
  • Mobile Health Screening Clinic, Mobile Clinic
  • Mobile Surgury Vehicle, Medical Assessment
  • Mobile Wellbeing Vehicle, Mobile Medical Vehicle
  • Mobile Health Awareness units, Mobile Treatment Rooms

These buses offer a diverse set of features that are often utilised on health related tours ranging from worktops, large screen TV's, DVD players, Laptops, Tablets, Kitchen. external awning as well as the usual features we build into our vehicles.

Health Vehicle Features

Listed below are some of the main features to be found on our range of Health Vehicles, however each bus is different, each can have additional or fewer features than listed so it is always best to check the individual bus listing for its full range of fixtures, fittings and features.

Last but not least we can modify the interior to suit your particular requirements whether its a simple seating colour change to installing a bespoke interior why not view our for more information

  • Dedicated and Experienced Tour Driver
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Confidential consultation areas
  • 1 or more Consultation Rooms plus Hand Wash Facilities
  • External Branding options from logo's to a full wrap
  • Internal Branding options from window stickers to a full internal brand
  • External Awning over entrance to vehicle
  • Built-in generator or other built-in mains electricity supply
  • Electrical sockets and mains powered lighting throughout
  • Kitchen area with sink, fresh and waste water tanks
  • Fridge and/or microwave
  • water urn for hot drinks
  • 1 - 5 LCD TV's with DVD players and/or ChromeCast stick
  • Leather hospitality seating with storage under
  • Worktops for displays along with built-in leaflet dispensers
  • Anti Slip floor covering, Disabled access

Our health buses can be branded in many ways, 3 popular ways being

Full wrap branding

Full Wrap: this involves adding a new vinyl skin to the exterior of the rented health vehicle (excluding roof) including the windows. The windows can be covered with solid or contra-vision vinyl, contra-vision allowing the branding to be seen outside and clear uninterupted viewing from inside

Full Bodywork Wrap

Body Wrap: this involves adding a new vinyl skin to the exterior bodywork of the mobile health bus but doesn't include the windows or the roof. The windows of the rental vehicle are often black or silver tinted but allow for unrestricted vision

Partial Branding

Partial Wrap: This usually revolves around applying vinyl logo's/decals, cut shapes and/or text over the health clinic existing paintwork and windows, using the rental vehicles paintwork as the backdrop

More information on branding buses can be found on the

Why Roadshow Health Bus Hire?

We understand that most of our clients have never been involved with the rental or lease of an Health vehicle let alone organising a Health Bus tour and have many questions about costs and the minutia of organising such a tour, we also understand that those clients who do have some experience in organising an Health Bus tour may not be aware of our processes and also have questions. To this end we provide two routes of service.

Route One Designed for those who require more help and/or additional features we can provide a full or part managed service via our specialist partners who have years of experience undertaking Health Bus events and can undertake as much or as little of the strain as you want. For more information view the Project Management Tab above

Route Two For those wanting to “Go it alone” and project manage the tour themselves, we appoint an account manager as a single point of contact. Your account manager has years of experience organising Health Bus Hire tours, they will assist by providing email and telephone advice and guidance throughout the whole process, from vehicle selection, route planning, location sourcing to target delivery.

Roadshow Promotions Service Features

In addition to the services below we will provide a dedicated account manager with years of experience organising Health Bus Hire tours, they will provide guidence and advice about the whole process, from rental vehicle selection to target delivery.

  • Experienced Tour Driver
  • Extensive fleet of Health Vehicles to choose from
  • Pre-Converted Health vehicles to choose from reducing overheads
  • Large selection of equipment i.e. computers included at no extra cost
  • All costs provided "up front" no "hidden" extras
  • Location Booking Service Available
  • Design Templates available for all vehicles to assist with branding
  • Layout plans available for all vehicles
  • £10,000,000 in public liability insurance included as standard
  • Hazard Risk Assessments available for each vehicle
  • On site print company to undertake external/internal branding
  • On site coach builder to undertake conversion work

For those who need the additional services or help in creating a successful tour we can provide bespoke Project Management services. If you require this service please indicate your preference on the enquiry form or whilst speaking to our customer service staff

Project management is provided through our strategic partnership with Bauer Radio with whom we have worked collaboratively on many successful bus tour campaigns. These include several local Engagement tours with various NHS CCG's and many more.

These Bauer Radio led campaigns are built on a bespoke basis and can include some or all the following aspects.

  • Dedicated Account Manager to assist throughout the whole process
  • On Tour Project Manager
  • On Air coverage through their 22 Radio Brands
  • Online Digital Coverage
  • Street Team Engagement Activity
  • Location Sourcing and Booking
  • Health & Safety Risk Assessment
  • Full Post Campaign Analysis

Health Bus Hire Clients

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Client Testimonial

Health Bus Hire

The Health bus was a roaring success, with over 100 health checks performed on an average day, the data collection system worked a treat, even highlighting at risk visitors, I cannot praise Roadshow Promotions enough for their time and commitment in making the various campaigns a success

- Corby Borough Counci.

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Details of similar projects we have undertaken

Health Bus Rental Fleet

Health vehicles which can be hired for Mobile Health Clinic tours, or Health Awareness campaigns.

RSP05 Mobile Health Bus

RSP05 Mobile Health Bus

RSP05 Health Bus

RSP05, known to us as 'Harvey' is 10m long x 2.5m wide x 3.1m high comes with 1 or 2 consultation rooms ideal for health and consultation/awareness campaigns.

RSP06 Health Clinic Bus

RSP06 Health Clinic Bus

RSP06 Health Clinic Bus

Smallest of the health buses this 9.6m long single decker bus, known as 'Norman' comes with either 1 or 2 conultation rooms and ideally suited for Health Clinic and Consultation/Awareness campaigns.

RSP10 Mobile Health Vehicle

RSP10 Mobile Health Vehicle

RSP10 Mobile Health Van

RSP10 or 'Sassy' Has undertaken a range of tour types however her primary use is as a single consultation room, with waiting area mobile health vehicle.


RSP09 Single Decker Health Consultation Bus

RSP09 Health Consultation Bus

RSP09 Health Consultation Bus

RSP09, known to us as 'Millie' is one of our 11.5m long x 2.5m wide x 3.2m high buses, with a single consultation room and large disply areas, extensive AV suite the vehicle is suited to Consultancy/Awareness campaigns with limited health checks.

RSP11 Health Bus

RSP11 Health Bus

RSP11 Health Bus

'JJ' is a standard size Dennis Dart single decker multifunctional bus currently designed to promote CandleLighters Charity.

RSP04 Double Decker Health Bus

RSP04 Health Bus

RSP04 Health Clinic Bus

RSP04 or 'Bertha' with a single upper saloon consultation room the vehicle is more suited for Consultancy or health awareness campaigns.


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Next we have 2 sets of Options these being Optional Services and Optional Extras, Optional Services i.e. Project Management, Venue booking etc. are via our partners Bauer Media, who have considerable experience in these areas and well worth the additional cost.

Optional Extras are items that don't normally come with a vehicle i.e Gazebo's, external chairs/tables etc. with both you can select as many or as few options as you require.

After you have completed as many of the presented fields as possible, you can add additional comments in the comment field and submit the quote request

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