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RSP08 is our longest serving bus, it has been converted to undertake Hospitality Meeting vehicle, promotional vehicle and IT Training vehicle event tour types on behalf of clients and is available for rental, lease, hire

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RSP08 Single Decker Bus

RSP08 or 'Saul' is a 11.5m Mk1 Optare Excel Single Decker bus, after a short stint as a service bus, the bus was bought and developed for a charity as a Youth Engagement vehicle. Upon purchasing the vehicle, we decided to keep much of the interior layout as it was, making a few refinements and modified the interior with a more adaptive set of features to suit a number of different event types.

Latest upgrades include the removal of the buses generator, which was replaced with a bank of leisure batteries and 3kw inverter and a 2nd alternator installed to charge the batteries on the move. The vehicles primary function is as a training bus, mobile classroom, media bus, this is aided by the vehicle having a partition wall, which splits the bus in to two distinct areas. However the bus is often used for promotional, informational or exhibition, type tours.

RSP08 Promotional Bus

Bus Features

  • External Branding options from logo's to a full wrap
  • 2 x 4m wide External Awning to Near side
  • Built-in Electrical supply generation
  • Electrical sockets and mains powered lighting throughout
  • Forward IT / Promotion/Exhibition area
  • 10sqm of Worktop space
  • Built-in Wi-Fi Network
  • Optional Mobile Broadband Connectivity
  • Rear Group Presentation/Training Area
  • Equipped with up to 8 Workstions
  • Stools or Folding Seats for promotional/exhibition area
  • Kitchen area with sink, fresh and waste water tanks
  • Hot water urn
  • Leaflet Dispensers
  • 4 x Roof Mounted External Speakers plus Amp
  • 2 x Internal LCD TV with DVD player
  • 1 x External Facing LCD TV with DVD player
  • Leather hospitality and Group area seating
  • Anti Slip floor covering, Disabled access

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Promotional Bus Features

Please Note! Vehicle is on Long-term contract hire to Bauer Radio.

RSP08 is a unique single decker bus developed to undertake a variety of event duties including both promotional and exhibition along with its primary role as a mobile classroom training bus.

This single decker’s promotional bus features include external vinyl branding over the buses black painted bodywork, internal branding areas at various locations within the bus allowing clients to really highlight the product, service or concept the bus is about.

The bus has the ability to undertake both group presentations and display product/service/concept information at the same time, with group presentation facilities in the rear section and optional computer enabled worktops in the forward section. The bus also comes with its own WI-FI network which can be connected to a mobile broadband network for internet access.

The vehicle has a hospitality kitchen capable of supplying a constant stream of hot/cold drinks from the provided water urn with the addition of leather covered, cushioned bench seating to the rear meeting room, some seating with storage under.

When it comes to AV equipment the bus is configured with 1 x front external facing LCD TV and 3 x rear saloon LCD TV’s each of these are in turn connected to a bank of DVD players allowing the TV’s in each section to display the same or different media. On the roof of the vehicle are 4 external speakers connected to an internal Amp

In addition, the vehicle is equipped with a number of leaflet dispensers for literature, there are also a range of storage cupboards throughout the vehicle. The forward section worktops can, in turn, be equipped with one or more laptops with seating

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