WHY Roadshow Promotions?

Roadshow Promotions vinyl bus wrap. Applying a vinyl brand message to our rental lease hire vehicles, applying a full or partial branding to the interior or exterior of the vehicle.

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Bus Branding Options

All of our rental, lease hire vehicles have been designed to carry small to large amounts of vinyl wrap branding on both the outside and inside giving you flexibility and not constraining you to standard T shape branding or no other option than a full bus wrap. This means you can have the perfect branding solution to suit your budget and project requirements

With support and advice at every step of the process we ensure you can achieve maximum impact by producing the very best graphics required for your needs. Once the design has been completed send the artwork over and we will commence branding production. We are responsible for the printing, application and removal of the vinyl skin on your behalf.

Vinyl the Bus Exterior

Full vinyl bus wrap RSP01 Morrisons Full vinyl bus wrap

We can apply vinyl bus wrap to all our hire fleet, including our promotional Buses, health vehicles, exhibition buses meeting and training vehicles, the only limit is your budget and we can even supply levels of branding to most budgets

We can apply branding to individual bus panels all the way up to full bus wraps, we effectively supply you with your very own mobile billboard, remember a full or partialy wrapped bus is the largest moving advertising format available and is the ultimate branding statement

Once a bus or vehicle is rented or leased we will provide a scaled template of the bus exterior, allowing your designers to rapidly produce the required wrap artwork, without placing words or images over awkward to vinyl areas such as lights or grills. The cost will be based on the level of branding depicted in the supplied artwork

We have a couple of Blog articles it may be worth reading How Much Branding Should We Apply to our Promotional Vehicle and Applying Your Promotional Bus Wrap What We Need and What It Takes

What cannot be Vinyl Branded

It's actually simpler to list what cannot be branded or what it difficult to brand or adhere vinyl to than list what can be vinyl skinned, the more that it covers the more it costs!

  • Drivers Front, N/S & O/S Windows
  • Lights & Reflectors
  • Number Plates
  • Roof
  • Window and door Rubbers
  • Awning Cover (can sometimes have single colour print over)
  • Ventilation Grills (Some can be covered with a single colour print)

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Branding the Bus Interior

Foamex Board Internal Branding RSP06 Internal Foamex Board Branding

Most of our rental vehicles are equipped with an internal branding system designed to hold branded Foamex board panels, the areas covered by this system vary from vehicle to vehicle, but in the main allow for coverage over window spaces and in some cases wall areas.

In addition to these Foamex board areas, most vehicles come with storage cupboards, doors and wood panelled areas, we can, if requested, cover these spaces with specialist vinyl with your message and/or images of choice.

On vehicles yet not yet upgraded with the Foamex board retention system, it is still possible to brand over many of the vehicles actual windows

For clients wanting more, it may also be possible on some buses to vinyl wrap the ceiling and/or floor of the vehicle with promotional or informational messages and images

Internal Bus Branding RSP03 Bus interior re-branded white for Grass Routes Tour

If it's less about internal branding and more about modifying the interior then view our

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