WHY Roadshow Promotions?

Roadshow Promotions Promotional Bus Interior, modify rental / hire Vehicle Interiors adding replacing removing seats, stools, desks, worktops, AV and computer equipment.

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Bus Interiors the Facts

  • Our fleet of vehicles have been extensively modified to suit most client tour requirements.
  • The Interior design of individual vehicles means that 85% of vehicle based tours clients don't need modify the interior, they already suit the tour needs.
  • If required we can change interior colour schemes to suit corporate or brand colours, accounting for 10% of tours we undertake.
  • Bespoke interiors, where the entire interior of a vehicle is designed and modified to clients specification account for 5% of tours.

With onsite coachbuilding we are happy to undertake any interior modifications the client requires to make the tour a success.

Standard Roadshow Bus Internal Fixtures

RSP08 Interior Rear SeatingRSP08 Interior Rear Leather Seating

Promotional bus Interiors vary from vehicle to vehicle however they all have some similar fixtures included in the rental including the following

  • Internal Branding options from window stickers to a full internal brand
  • Built-in generator or other built-in mains electricity supply
  • Electrical sockets and mains powered LED lighting throughout
  • Kitchen area with sink, fresh and waste water tanks
  • Fridge and/or microwave
  • water urn for hot drinks
  • 1 - 5 LCD TV's with DVD players and/or ChromeCast stick
  • Leather hospitality seating with storage under
  • Worktops for displays
  • Built-in leaflet dispensers
  • Anti Slip floor covering
  • Disabled Wheelchair ramps
  • Mobile Broadband Wi-Fi Router
  • Heating and/or Cooling system
  • Storage Lockers

Other Optional Fixtures

We have a limiterd number of items we can supply free of charge, these are subject to availability

  • Mobile Broadband Wi-Fi Router
  • A number of Laptops
  • Small number of Tablets with/witout holders
  • Kitchen type Stools various colours
  • Folding Chairs and/or Tables for External Use
  • Office Chairs
  • Cushioned Folding Chairs for Interal use

If it's less about internal modifications and more about branding the interior then view our

Don't see what you want/need don't worry let us know what you want to add or modify and we will provide a cost and add it/them to the bus

Bus Interior Images

RSP08 Interior Midsection Worktops KitchenRSP08 Interior Midsection Worktops Kitchen

RSP11 Interior Massage RoomRSP11 Interior Massage Room

RSP03 Interior Rear Bar for TGI FridaysRSP03 Interior Rear Bar for TGI Fridays

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