WHY Roadshow Promotions?

Roadshow Promotions continues its growth and dominance within the Promotional Bus industry, with a flurry of recent bookings for long and short term promotional bus hire

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Busy Year Ahead

Roadshow Promotions continues its growth and dominance within the Promotional Bus industry, within three months of starting a new financial year, bookings have matched the level predicted for the whole year.

With almost half its fleet of twelve promotional buses currently undertaking long-term tours stretching to the end of 2018 and beyond and many of the remaining vehicles having bookings ranging from one day to three years the pressure is on to provide the unending bus hire requests with suitable vehicles from within the periods still showing availability.

In an effort to alleviate the pressure Roadshow Promotions have already commissioned the conversion of another double decker bus, however the pressure is still on as this bus, which will be ready in August, is already committed to yet another long-term booking.

Current Ongoing Bookings include

Tours yet to start include

  • Heppsy+ – Educational Tour
  • Go Higher West Yorkshire – Educational Tour
  • GM Higher – Educational Tour
  • Hits Radio – General
  • BASF – Customer Engagement
  • CandleLighters – Health Charity
  • F&C Investment Trust – Financial Advice
  • Terrance Higgins Trust – Health
  • Northumberland NHS – Training
  • Bradford NHS – Respiratory Health
  • Cumbria University – Educational Tour
  • Lincs Higher – Educational Tour
  • Liverpool NHS – Community Engagement
  • Liverpool Hope University – Educational Tour
  • Slough NHS – Asthma Tour

In addition there are currently 24 ongoing enquiries for tours ranging between 1 week and 12 months

Details of similar projects we have undertaken

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