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The Elvis Karaoke tour comes to its conclusion in Edinburgh today after spending 8 days over 3 weeks promoting the release on a compilation CD

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Elvis Karaoke Tour

The Elvis Karaoke tour comes to an end in Edininburgh after visiting 8 cities over a 3 week period.

The event, sponsored by Sony Music UK via their agents Build Hollywood has been a fantastic sucess.

Orignially booked for a 4 city tour Sony Music extended the tour to 8 locations due to the sucess of the tour and the increased sales for "The Nation's Favourite Elvis Songs" CD released in November.

Our hybrid promotional van was equipped with a fold down stage, large screen LED TV and Karaoke system, the body of the van wrapped and a large, lit, Elvis sign installed on the roof at each location. 

The vehicle was staffed by a tour manager, driver and Elvis impersonator, who helped guide the hopeful Elvis fans through the trauma of singing to large numbers of passersby at each location 

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