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BASF Black Grass Promotional Battle Bus

RSP09 the popular #Roadshowbus is back on the road promoting BASF Herbicides to farmers around the UK the single decker promotional bus started in Cambridgeshire

Millie our popular single decker promotional bus is back on the road this time promoting a herbicide for BASF.

The bus will be visiting a variety of locations over the 6 week tour, at each location local farmers will have the opportunity to discuss the treatment of Black Grass with experts who will be available on the bus.

Millie is getting used to the agricultral life, its previous tour revolving around the flower industry

RSP09 the popular Roadshow Bus is still travelling with BASF promoting the eradication of Black Grass a scourge to UK Farmers and their crop yields.

The experts, manning the promotional bus, can advise farmers visiting the bus of the herbicides that can be utilised in ridding the fields of Black Grass, which can reduce crop yields by up to 13%

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