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Roadshow Promotions have undertaken many vehicle related projects since its conception. These projects range from a 1 day promotional event, a minor modification to the interior/exterior of a vehicle or the addition of a small logo to the vehicle interior/exterior all the way up to 12 month or longer EU wide event bus tour, involving a bespoke conversion of the interior and a full internal/external brand.

With the launch of this new version of our website we decided to forego the usual case study and bring you, the visitor and hopefully new client, along for the ride, showing a project from conception to completion and beyond.

Current, ongoing, projects will always be at the top of the list as they will be constantly evolving, with new information added as the project progresses, hopefully this will provide you with an insight as to what makes a successful project.

Project Image
BCP Council, who needed to maintain their services yet, at the same time, protect their staff and reduce the spread of the virus, required the use of a covid testing bus equipped with cubicles,
Edwards Lifesciences, asked if a second bus could be converted in to a training bus environment for their leading edge products.
Use of a food tasting and marketing bus for Oscar Mayer Ready Made foods
Heathrow Airport Holdings Limited (formerly BAA) owns and runs London Heathrow Airport, Britain’s aviation hub, required a mobile unit to engage with staff across the many acres of in and around the airport and asked if we could supply a vehicle for a staff engagement tour.
The Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust approached Roadshow Promotions to provide a mobile clinic bus to undertake Diabetes checks within the Midlands region, we offered them a choice of 1 of 2 vehicles ideally suited for this type of undertaking, these being RSP05 and RSP06
Marketing and Training Bus for Edwards Lifesciences undertaking training and marketing duties throughout the UK and Europe
NFU Mutual Insurance have many small and varied offices throughout the country and they needed a way to introduce a change in software to some of these 300+ offices, hence their need of an IT Training Bus.
Building upon the success of the previous two years (see HeppSY Mobile Classroom Outreach Bus 2018 & HeppSY Mobile Classroom Bus 2017) HeppSY the Higher Education Progression Partnership South Yorkshire, requested a further years project management and hire of our Mobile Classroom training bus.
Rimmel, the iconic cosmetic company in the UK was formed in 1834 and since its inception has been a pioneer in promoting their range of products. So it came as no surprise when we were contacted by Rimmel to supply a vehicle for a promotional bus tour.
RSP02, the only double decker available at the time, turned out to be just right for the job, allowing the trust to engage with staff at each location easily and effectively, the every definition of a staff engagement tour.
Abellio who were looking at taking over the West Midlands Train franchise needed a method of engaging with staff at various stations utilised by the rail network, after several discussions it was decided that RSP03 would fit the bill for the Staff Engagement Tour.
After a successful 2018 tour LincHigher, who are a consortium partnership of education providers and organisations supporting young people in schools, colleges and community groups across Lincolnshire, approached Roadshow Promotions for a repeat of the 2018 education awareness tour.

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