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The medical sector is seen as being one part of three of the healthcare sector, each of these we have listed as separate sectors

This particular area of Healthcare covers the Medical Sector which includes organisations and services that provide the tools and equipment used within the area of healthcare, our promotional vehicles are utilised to visit hospitals promoting a particular brand, product or service.

medical sector
RSP12 & RSP15 Training Buses back on the road
Medical Sector

Training Buses Back on the Road Again

After a break for Christmas both Edwards Lifesciences training buses went back on tour, with RSP15 travelling to Germany and RSP12 travelling around the UK

RSP15 Health Training Bus Exterior
Medical Sector

RSP15 Training Bus Returns to UK

The return to the UK is planned to last 3 weeks with the bus returning to Europe at the end of the first week of January. The bus will then return to marketing and training surgeons

Vehicle Conversion Plan
Medical Sector

RSP15 Single Decker Bus Conversion

After the success of RSP12 Edwards LifeSciences, leaders in the science of heart valves and hemodynamic monitoring asked for another, similar, bus conversion to join RSP12 in touring the European Union and UK.

Edwards LifeSciences Logo
Medical Sector

Edwards LifeSciences

Edwards Lifesciences, are dedicated to providing innovative solutions for people fighting cardiovascular disease.

Timmi European Training Bus
Medical Sector

European Training Bus Project

Marketing and Training Bus for Edwards Lifesciences undertaking training and marketing duties throughout the UK and Europe

RSP12 Edwards Lifesciences Training Bus
Medical Sector

Edwards Training Bus Conversion Completed

The 11m MAN single decker training bus has been completely renovated including the addition of vinyl branded inside and outside. The bus, converted for Edwards Lifesciences, the global leader in the science of heart valves and hemodynamic monitoring required a bespoke interior for use across Europe and the UK

Medical Sector

Bus Conversion for Edwards Lifesciences Tour

The Edwards bus conversion will have an interior designed to undertake medical marketing and training on heart valve equipment and procedures with 3 distinct areas within the single decker.

rsp09 original Bus
Medical Sector

Medtronic Commission a Single Decker Bus Conversion

Medtronic have commissioned the conversion of RSP09 in to a bespoke exhibition bus. The bus interior is to be modified to promote their new products these being Micra and Linq these being the smallest heart monitors and pacemakers in the world.

Medtronic Logo
Medical Sector


Over the years, Medtronic have developed additional core technologies, including implantable mechanical devices, drug and biologic delivery devices, and powered and advanced energy surgical instruments. Today, Medtronic technologies are used to treat nearly 40 medical conditions.

RSP09 Promotional Exhibition Bus
Medical Sector

Medtronic Heart Monitor and Pacemaker Tour

Initially planned as a three month tour around western Europe the tour rapidly extended to 12 months as their purpose built bus, “Millie” travelled throughout the whole of the EU promoting Micra and Ling

RSP03 Abbotts Exhibition Bus
Medical Sector

Abbott Nutrition Exhibition Bus Tour

Abbott Nutrition Exhibition bus 8 day tour of the UK using our double decker mobile exhibition vehicle, visiting hospitals around Anglia exhibiting their range of products to buyers

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