WHY Roadshow Promotions?

Roadshow Promotions converting HGV Trucks and Lorries for a variety of purposes including training HGV conversions, outreach HGV project conversions, Health HGV Conversions.

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HGV Conversion Options

We convert trucks, lorries and all manor of other HGV's into fully functional event vehicles designed specifically for your purpose

HGV's can be converted in to IT Training vehicles, community Outreach vehicles, mobile libraries, mobile clinics, mobile dentistry vehicles. Other popular HGV truck conversions include Horse Box conversions and Motor sport truck conversions both with and without living accommodation.

HGV's come with their own set if conversion issues that have to be overcome, one of the main being their height off the floor, we have a variety of measures avaible to us in the conversion process to overcome this issue

HGV Conversion

Blackpool Buzz Bus Conversion Blackpool Buzz Bus Conversion

Common vehicles used as donor vehicles for the conversion process are ex mobile libraries or new pre registration trucks direct from the manufacturer

Ex mobile libraries are ideally suited when budgets are tight, conversion consists of removing the library fixtures and fittings and replacing them with the fixtures and fittings required for your use

HGV Conversion Projects

Listed below are just a few of the Coach conversion projects we have worked on

  • Exhibition HGV conversion
  • IT Training HGV conversion
  • Catering HGV conversion
  • Health HGV conversion
  • Outreach HGV conversion
  • Youth project HGV conversion
  • Promotional HGV conversion

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HGV Conversion

Aberdeen Safe Space Truck Conversion Aberdeen Safe Space Truck Conversion

When it comes to converting vehicles such as HGV's, our conversion services, operated via our sister company Blackpool Design Coachbuilders, have the design flair and engineering skills to turn your concepts into reality.

Blackpool Buzz Bus Conversion Interior Blackpool Buzz Bus Conversion Interior

Why not give us a call on 01253 923800 to discuss your requirements in more detail and see what we can do for you

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When looking at the fields for Vehicle conversion, you will be presented with a drop box this being Vehicle Requirements. If you have a vehicle (Vehicle is Available) you will be asked to enter details about the vehicle, if you don't have a vehicle you will be asked for the type of vehicle you want converted along with its length.
You will then be asked obout the interior you want installing via a drop box, if the type isn't listed select Other and a box will appear for you to add this information. With regards to Plans/Drawings, if you have plans/drawings then you will be able to upload a pdf of these documents, or you can select No Plans or Specifications Yet to let us know we can work with you on this.

After you have completed as many of the presented fields as possible, you can add additional comments in the comment field and submit the quote request

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