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RSP12 Promotional Bus

MF52 DWZ is one of three 11m MAN single decker ex BBC Radio outside broadcast buses operated by Roadshow Promotions, being an ex BBC outside broadcast unit the bus has never been utilised as a standard service bus, having being built specifically for outside broadcast usage.

However this all changed when ownership transferred to Roadshow, the bus has been heavily modified to be one of our “greener” buses, with a number of possible uses.

RSP12 or Timi, as the vehicle is known as, began operational life in January 2020 RSP12 has been designed to undertake many different types of event, however its primary use is as a medical marketing and training vehicle but could just as easily function as either an exhibition bustraining bus. However the bus can be used for promotional, informational, exhibition, or even Health Bus Mobile Clinic, type tours.

Health Training Bus

RSP12 is a Euro 3 single decker bus modified with a range of "Green" features including solar panels, leisure batteries, invertor and a 2nd alternator for electricity generation, whilst stood or on the move. The buses interior lighting has been replaced with LED lights

The promotional bus also has a layer of solar panels affixed to its roof providing up to 1kw of electricity per hour from sunlight.

This single decker’s promotional features include external vinyl branding over the buses  bodywork, internal branding areas at various locations within the bus allowing clients to really highlight the product, service or concept the bus is promoting.

The bus has the ability to display, promote, service, concept information and/or products throughout its interior via the internal TV’s and/or worktops, with the added benefit of a group meeting room to the rear of the vehicle. The bus also comes with its own WI-FI network which can be connected to a mobile broadband network for internet access.

The vehicle has a hospitality kitchen capable of supplying a constant stream of hot/cold drinks from the provided water urn fridge and microwave and comes with leather covered, cushioned bench seating to the rear meeting room, some of the seating with storage under.

Vehicle Details

Fleet No: RSP12
Reg No: MF52 DWZ
IT Training:
Nickname: Timmi
Type: Single Decker Bus
Make/Model: MAN
Group Training: 8
Active: Yes

Vehicle Configuration

Vehicle Features

Portable Generator
Solar Panels
Electrical Sockets
LED Lighting
TV's & DVD Player
Smart TV's
Mobile Broadband Wi-Fi
Kitchen Area (Sink and Water Tanks)
Hot Water Urn (Kettle)
Non Slip Floor Covering
Disabled Access (limited)
Leather Bench Seats
Drop Worktops
Storage Cupboards
Internal Branding Areas
External Branding Available
Awning over Entrance
External Facing TV
1 x Consultation Room

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